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because it means

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because it means

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The Cardinals saw what they needed to see from David Johnson and Christian Kirk. They will have to wait until next week to see more from Sam Bradford and Josh Rosen.

Bradford James Hurst Jersey , who had not taken a snap in game action since Week 5 last season, played only one series and threw only one pass. A 38-yard punt return by Kirk on his first touch and back-to-back 14-yard runs by Johnson, who was injured in the season opener last season, set up an eight-play, 45-yard touchdown drive.

Bradford completed his only pass Lawrence Guy Jersey , a 6-yarder to tight end Ricky Seals-Jones, before running back Chase Edmonds punched it in with a brilliant 2-yard run.

Bradford gave way to the 10th overall pick after that.

While Rosen won’t get the attention the higher-drafted quarterbacks will get after the first week of the preseason, he got no help. The UCLA product played behind a shaky second-team offensive line, and backup center Daniel Munyer was all over the place with his shotgun snaps.

Rosen finished 6-of-13 for 41 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions.

Cowboys special teams coach Keith O’Quinn said the new kickoff rules could have an unintended consequence. His kicker, Dan Bailey Lee Roy Selmon Jersey , agrees.

Bailey said he “totally gets” the reason for the rules changes. The NFL wants to reduce injuries, particularly concussions, on the most dangerous play in football.

Packers president Mark Murphy a member of the competition committee, has warned that the NFL could eliminate kickoffs if the rules changes don’t lead to a safer play.

“Every year there’s more and more data that gives insight into how we can play safer and improve the game,” Bailey said Dalvin Cook Jersey , via the Dallas Morning News. “So, I get it and I’m all for guys playing safe because it means they are going to have long careers. You want everyone to play as long as they can. I think it’s just part of the game now. We’ve got so much data and everything is tracked. It’s good to implement what you can to make everybody safer.”

However, Bailey said the rules changes, designed to result in fewer high-speed collisions, could lead to more kickoff returns and potentially more chances for injuries.

“More returns could be an unintended consequence of the new rules Tre'Quan Smith Jersey ,” Bailey said. “If eight members of the return team have to be lined up within 15 yards of the spot of kickoff, what’s to keep the kicker from just popping it right over the top? That could be dangerous. Not maybe a concussion, but guys being in a scrum trying to get to a popped-up ball and maybe getting an ankle rolled.”

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