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Important laboratory Equipments

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Important laboratory Equipments

EntradaAutor: arpitkakkar1 Data: dc. jul. 26, 2017 12:02 pm

The refrigerated centrifuge is a device mostly used in research laboratories. Educational & Research institutions, Medical Laboratories, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Blood Banks etc. It offers relatively low temperature ranges from -5 C to – 20C for some sensitive tests.The Refrigerated centrifuge suppliers put their extra efforts to make this equipment more reliable and efficient. These centrifuges have soft touch keypad through which user can change the settings accurately and fastly.
Like this device, polygraph machine is also a very important device which is often known as lie detector machine. This machine examines the voice, heartbeats, pulses and facial expression of the subject and finds out whether he/she telling truth or lie. It is mainly used in police investigations, some government jobs also required polygraph tests like FBI or CIA. Polygraph machine contains four to six sensor, these sensors are attached to a person who is giving polygraph test. Polygraph manufacturers always put extra care while manufacturing this device as this is a very sensitive machine.
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